Founded in 2013 in Iowa, ETA Clothing has quickly become a internationally recognized clothing brand. Inspired by curiosity and wanderlust, ETA reflects a spectrum of colors, cultures, influences and philosophies, all encountered during years of travel around the globe.

The ETA philosophy is to do things differently. From our designs to our campaigns, we step outside the cliché model shoot box and break through the normal paradigm, into the unknown.

All of our designs and campaigns have a unique touch. You can see it in every detail, whether it’s the use of unique textiles, the antique metal detailing in our sunglasses or the stunning indigenous people that we use as models in our shoots, you can always tell it’s ETA.

"The whole idea behind ETA campaigns is to express the culture of the indigenous people of this planet. Pure expression and beauty is what attracts us. We really want people to be inspired to express themselves in an organic way and to rediscover their connection with themselves, the Earth and all its living creatures."


ETA is for fringe-dwellers, future-heads and bold souls. It’s not just about making clothing. It’s about making a statement.


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